Your Trusted Local Health Resource

 North Idaho Health Network is a non-profit network of health care providers in Idaho’s five northern counties designed to meet the health care needs of individuals and businesses. We emphasize quality based on outcomes, recognizing that cost savings in health care result from efficient delivery of care designed to achieve the best possible results.

The community physicians and hospitals of the five north Idaho counties formed North Idaho Health Network in 1994. Today, the Network is the trusted,  local health resource working to optimize health by creating and promoting solutions designed to educate the community and achieve high quality, cost-effective health care. North Idaho Health Network is comprised of more than 200 physicians.

At North Idaho Health Network, we believe that in order to achieve high quality, evidence-based care at the best price, quality physicians must work together.  Through their partnerships, north Idaho Health Network has consistently kept the cost of health care in North Idaho lower than the national average.


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