Meaningful Use Stage 2 Increases Focus on Structured Data & Care Coordination

Stage 2 builds upon the basic EHR functionality that is laid in Stage 1 and progresses to a greater emphasis on care coordination, patient engagement, utilization of structured data for continuous quality improvement at the point of care, and the exchange of health information. Stage 2 requires more of a team approach, with the reorganization of meaningful use tasks to follow patient flow.

  • Most of the core and menu objectives from Stage 1 become core objectives in Stage 2.
  • Several menu objectives are added in Stage 2, including the recording of family history, EHR accessibility of imaging results, and the entering of electronic progress notes in patient records.
  • A patient portal or some other method of web access is required.
  • Lab interface is not mandatory but the threshold for structured lab results is too high for manual entry of data.
  • Formulary checking, drug-drug and drug-allergy checks are required as part of e-Prescribing.
  • Public health reporting of immunizations is required.
  • More information is required on the post-visit summary/clinical summary/patient plan.
  • Periodic EHR security risk assessments and the implementation of risk mitigation plans is emphasized.
More information on Stage 2 meaningful use can be found on the CMS websiteFor assistance with meeting meaningful use please contact Jo Anne Bell, 666-3212, ext. 225, or  


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